How to Get Mulpleta

Once your healthcare provider determines Mulpleta is right for you, Mulpleta Assist can help you get started.

What is Mulpleta Assist?

Mulpleta Assist is a support program designed to help you get started on Mulpleta. A dedicated support team will review your insurance benefits, determine if you qualify for financial assistance, and arrange delivery of Mulpleta directly to you.

How Mulpleta Assist works:

Mulpleta prescription is sent to Mulpleta Assist

Your healthcare provider sends your Mulpleta Prescription Enrollment Form to Mulpleta Assist.

Mulpleta Assist reviews your insurance coverage and looks for financial support

Mulpleta Assist will review your insurance coverage and look for financial support. Many patients can receive Mulpleta at no out-of-pocket cost.

Mulpleta Assistant calls you to confirm procedure date, Mulpleta start date, and shipping address

A Mulpleta Assistant will call you to confirm:

  • They received the Mulpleta Prescription Enrollment Form
  • The date of your procedure and the date you should start taking Mulpleta (as determined by your healthcare provider)
  • Your shipping address for the delivery of Mulpleta
Mulpleta is shipped directly to you

Mulpleta will be shipped directly to you. Once Mulpleta is shipped, a Mulpleta Assistant will call you to remind you when to start taking Mulpleta.

It is important that you start taking Mulpleta on the date your healthcare provider determined, not necessarily on the day that you receive Mulpleta.

Call Mulpleta Assist (1-866-556-2451)

If you miss a call from your Mulpleta Assistant, it is important to call back as soon as possible to prevent any delays in your delivery.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call Mulpleta Assist at 1-866-556-2451.


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